Domestic Adoption

All Age Adoptions Plus places babies and children of all ages. We also coordinate with many agencies throughout the country.

Most often a woman or couple will make a decision to place their child for adoption while she is still pregnant and the child will be placed at the time of birth. Sometimes due to other situations or an adoption disruption, we will place an older child.

All Age Adoptions Plus has unlimited counseling available for mothers and fathers considering placing their child. They most often arefaced with a difficult situation and adoption is not usually their first choice. Once they decide on adoption, we get as much information as possible about the biological family’s medical and social history and you are given full disclosure when you are matched with the child. We place children of all races, backgrounds and ages.


Parent Qualifications. We strive to find the most beneficial placement for each child that we serve. The older children we have placed have had specific needs and we therefore consider single parents and a wide diversity in families when placing older children. Traditional married couples with at least one parent between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-five are considered when we are placing an infant.

The Wait. Our waiting list for this program is kept small. We put the best interest of the child first when matching with a family. We include the biological parents’ wishes as much as possible. We take into consideration the type of child you feel best able to parent. Therefore a child might match with you very quickly or it may take some time. Most of our families are matched within a year, but some as long as two or more years.

The Process. After completing the homestudy, you will make a photo album of your family and home to be kept at our office. We will also need several two-page picture profiles to give to birth families and to send to other agencies. You will be presented to birth families and other agencies based on the type of child you are approved to adopt. Meeting an expectant mother or couple, or a family that needs to place their child is an important part of the process.

If you are matched with a child we make placement arrangements that will best meet the child’s needs. We think it is important for the bonding and attachment process that a child has the least amount of disruptions as possible. You will need an attorney independent of our agency to finalize the adoption. We have a referral list of available attorneys. We will coordinate with your attorney and provide him or her with necessary information. Finalization takes at least six months in New Mexico.

All Age Adoptions Plus coordinates with other agencies and attorneys to help place children from New Mexico, other states and other countries. If you are a New Mexico resident working with an out of state agency we can provide for your in-state needs. These may include and are not limited to: your homestudy; parent training; coordination and communication with your placing agency USCIS, ICPC; notarization; and post placement services. If you are out-of-state and working with a birthmother or child in New Mexico we can help.

An identified adoption is one where the adoptive family and birth family have already identified and agreed on each other for the placement of the child. We can provide you with all your adoption needs; including birthmother counseling and labor and delivery care, placement, relinquishment of parental rights, ICPC documentation, etc.