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Transform a Child’s Life
You can make a charitable donation to All Age Adoptions Plus, DBA, Joyful World Ministries, Inc. and help change a child’s life both locally and internationally.

Charitable Donations are Needed and Greatly Appreciated

We keep our fees to adoptive families as reasonable as possible while still maintaining quality service. We are recognized by the IRS as Joyful World Ministries, Inc. a 501(C)(3) non-profit ministry. We are governed by a Board of Directors. As an agency we do not profit from children, couples longing to be parents, or parents who are unable to parent. Our fees are used to cover our operating costs. So we can maintain quality service while keeping our fees reasonable, donations to all our programs are greatly appreciated and needed.

Local Families

There is never a charge to counsel and work with parents and families who feel they can’t parent and are considering adoption for their child. First we want to help provide the services and resources to keep families together. Adoption fees help cover these services. We also offer at no charge lifetime counseling to birth families who have placed children with one of our families, and often to birth families who have not used our agency. Donations to our Child and Birthparent program are greatly appreciated!

Liberian Children

In 2000 Cheryl Carter-Shotts the founder of Africans for American Adoptions (AFAA) traveled to Liberia. Due to the ongoing war, Cheryl met with Liberian government officials about helping Liberian orphans. AFAA established the “AFAA House” – a home for Liberian orphans who lost their parents in the war. In 2003, the first Liberian Angels joined their new families with Cheryl escorting children to their new homes. On December 12, 2003, Cheryl brought two beautiful Liberian toddler boys to their new mother in New Mexico, Cathrine Troy. Today the boys are strong, healthy, happy teenagers!

On June 5, 2011, on a hotel patio in Liberia, adoptive father Matt Lee began writing down the needs of the orphanage as he prepared to return to the United States with his wife and two newly adopted children from The AFAA House. By July, 2014 Matt established Psalm 82:3 Mission to help care for the children. The Psalm 82:3 mission team has painted AFAA House, replaced the roof, replaced all the electrical equipment, repaired the septic lines, installed a water system, built a playground structure, and established a small library for the children.

In the absence of orphanages such as the AFAA House, life for an orphaned or abandoned child in Liberia is a daily struggle to survive. To provide for the basic needs for these children, requires the financial support of individuals, churches and businesses who embrace the words of Psalm 82:3. Sponsorship of just $40 per month will help provide a child with daily food, routine healthcare, school fees, after-school programs, and the opportunity to learn about God and His life-changing love. Your support goes directly to the needs of your sponsored child. Contributions to the AFAA House are greatly appreciated.

Grants for Adopting Families

There are many special needs and older children that are in need of families. While our agency reduces these fees the cost to our agency is often greater. Contributions to our special needs and older child program are greatly appreciated.