We live in Albuquerque with our 2-year old son and a small dog. We met in 2012 and married in 2015. Emil works in engineering and Tiffany works in healthcare. Our daily goal is to leave the stress of work at work, and create a calm environment at home where we can be attentive to our son. We are a close-knit family with a small group of friends, and one grandparent that lives in town to help with childcare. Family values include trust, patience, understanding, and respect. We lead a relatively simple life and limit the use of technology in the home, which allows our home to be quiet and centered around learning.

Our son enjoys reading books, playing with cars, learning new words, and exploring outdoors. We try to plan two kid-friendly activities out of the house each day on the weekend. Our son gets along well with the other children at daycare and will be a wonderful big brother. We are excited to bring another child into our family and look forward to your consideration.

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