We are John, Amy and Wyatt. We met 12 years ago and have been inseparable since. Shortly after our wedding we began trying to start a family and expected the journey to be fairly simple. Unfortunately, we endured difficulties that led to unsuccessful fertility treatments. We pursued adoption and were very blessed and overjoyed to be able to adopt Wyatt. Wyatt is our 2.5 year old son that gives us so much joy, happiness and fulfillment that we are now eagerly attempting to adopt another child to add to our family.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Virginia near Washington D.C. but our home and hearts are in New Mexico. John’s parents and Wyatt’s birthmother live in NM and we travel there frequently to visit. We are a very stable couple who live a calm, relaxing and active lifestyle. We strongly believe in providing as many experiences, cultural and educational, to Wyatt as possible. We spend our free time doing a variety of activities; reading, visiting museums, swimming, soccer, baseball, building things, painting, learning and attending preschool.  Amy is a nurse by profession but is meant to be a mother. The thought of adding to our family simply makes her heart smile and she will continue to stay at home until both children are in grade school. John is well educated, has traveled the world and truly enjoys his job. His discipline and desire to succeed have provided him a career that permits Amy to stay at home with Wyatt. Outside of work he cherishes spending time with Amy and Wyatt.

We are very excited at the prospect of growing our family and look forward to the joys and the responsibilities that go along with it. We love and are loyal to one another, our family and our friends. We want to share our knowledge and experiences with our children so that they will move forward through life with a solid foundation for all of its challenges.

We know that God has a plan for all of us and maybe this letter will bring us all together. If it was meant to be that we could not conceive a child naturally, then it means that our love is to be shared with a child such as yours. We are ready to welcome you into our lives as much as you are comfortable with. We wish you the best in your quest to make a good decision that will result in a warm and loving home for your baby. We share the same objective; and that is to have your child become part of a happy and healthy family who can immediately provide the caring and loving environment that he or she deserves.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. May you have faith, confidence and courage in this very difficult decision.

John, Amy & Wyatt