Meet Judith & Rodrigo!


This is our story.

Rodrigo and I met in Holyoke, Massachusetts in October 2010.

I, Judith, was completing a post-doctorate at Hampshire College. I LOVE to cook and missed Mexican food. I went shopping for ingredients to make a meal but needed jalapeƱos and tortillas. I knew of a Latino market that could have such foods and that is where I met Rodrigo. He worked distributing fruits and vegetables for the store. When we first met, he was extremely shy to ask for my number but his friend did. A month later, the day after Thanksgiving, a couple of friends and I wanted to go dancing and he was the only person I knew. We danced the night away and that was the beginning of our relationship. We moved to Las Cruces in Fall of 2012. In early 2013 Judith had a miscarriage and that was the beginning of our struggle to conceive. We finally gave up on the treatments in December 2015 and earlier this year we decided to pursue becoming parents by adopting.