Meet Matt & Darya!

We have been considering adoption since we first started talking about having children.  We are both teachers and felt that we, having supported and treasured other people’s children in the classroom, could easily love a baby who is not genetically related to us.

Our son Maxwell (“Teddy”), born in 2017, had his adoption finalized in April 2018.  His adoption is open with his biological father and closed with his birth mother, as they each wished.  We knew we wanted to be parents, but so far raising Teddy has brought us more joy than we dared to imagine.  Our dream is to have two children, so that they will also have each other.

We love to travel, spend quality time with family (our extended family, including nieces and nephews, live close in northern New Mexico), camp, and play board games.  We live on a wooded 5-acre property with an arroyo where we garden, barbecue, and play Frisbee.

Thank you for considering helping our family.