Meet Morgan & Joshua!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope that through this, you get a glimpse of our family and would like to meet us.

Oh, where to begin? We met when we were 11 in band, Josh played the Baritone Saxophone and Morgan played the Trumpet. Throughout our middle and high school years, our relationship deepened. We began to date after Morgan graduated and all through college. We married in the summer of 2011.

Our adoption journey began just a few months after we were married. Josh was speaking with a man that told him how he had adopted his two sons and was told about their sister that was just born but was unable to adopt her at the time. We talked and prayed about it but decided that it was not the right time as Josh was in Graduate school and Morgan was applying for Graduate school.

Some years went by and we welcomed our first son after 3 years on infertility and then our second son after moving to New Mexico. Our boys are very happy and love to play. They love helping Morgan in the kitchen with baking cookies or racing Josh as he trains for one of his races and another kitchen helper and racer would be wonderful.