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Our services are confidential and at no cost to you.  Contact Us

We can work with you before and/or after the birth of your child. We have found homes for children of all ages.  We are here to provide counseling that is empowering to you and can support you in making an adoption plan right for you. This includes helping you find the right adoptive family.

We provide…

Someone easy to talk to and who can give as much support or counseling as you need. To empower you to make your decision. Our counseling services come without pressure and at NO cost to you.

Individual care and attention. Our priority is you and making sure you decide the best parenting plan for you, whether that be making an adoption plan or parenting your child.

Assistance with the other birthparent and/or any other involved family members. The birthfather has a right to be informed.  We can contact him for you.  We can help you both navigate through the process.

Assistance in creating a plan for labor, and delivery. Support at the hospital if needed during labor and delivery and afterwards.

Assistance in placing your baby with the family, so that it can be done as gracefully as possible for you and the baby.

An attorney and our support during the relinquishment court process.

We are here for you, even after you place your child.  We can provide counseling or are able to refer you to other resources that you might need.  If you decide to parent your chid, we are able to refer you to agency’s that might hep with what you need.

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“Adoption is the biggest gift I have every given. First I gave my baby the gift of life. Then I gave her a loving home. Then I gave her parents the chance to have the family they couldn’t have!”

Elizabeth, a birthmother
(actual quote)