Dear Birthparent (s),


Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us, and especially thank you for the beautiful gift that you are bringing into this world. We are so excited to be traveling down this road towards a new addition to our family. This will be our second time adopting. The first time was a beautiful experience as I hope this time will be as well. I wish we felt like experts at this point, but we are still feeling that same flood of emotions that we felt the first time. Not only are we happy and excited, but also nervous about all the changes that will be coming our way We know that raising a child is not an easy thing to do, and we strive to do our best, but your always worry about whether or not you are doing the right things. Being parents now we can truly understand all of the worrying that our parents did over us.

This time around, we have an idea of what to expect. We are excited to watch our son become a big brother and he is very excited to have a sibling. He know that it will be an adjustment but he is ready to take it on.

Melinda is enjoying her role as homemaker and mother to Christopher. She loves being involved with all of Christopher’s activities. Robert works in marketing and enjoys the time he spends with his family. Christopher is in middle school and loves legos.

We just want to say thank you again for choosing to bring this beautiful baby into the world. If it so happens that you choose our family for your baby we want you to know that we will always and forever love and protect that baby.

Robert, Melinda and Christopher