Meet Sasha & Andy!

Hello! Mucho gusto! Andy is a Chaplain in the Air Force, and Sasha is a stay-at-home mom. We have 3 amazing sons and are praying for a daughter who these boys will love on and protect all their lives. We have been married for 12 years and are committed to God and each other that marriage is for a lifetime. Andy is a strong and friendly leader who loves our family and the ability to minister to military personnel and their families. He is home for dinner each night and enjoys being active with the kids. They go on bike rides, play lots of sports, and have Nerf gun fights. Sasha is a sweet and sassy wife and mama, passionate about loving our kids, mentoring women, and helping make our house a home. Our son J loves art and drawing, H enjoys sports and singing, and N who likes outdoors and Elmo. We have always felt that God had a little girl in mind for our family…Andy even bought little dresses in each country he visited during mission trips he conducted. We are praying not only for a special little girl, but also for her biological mom and dad. We desire God to bless you and your daughter, and are so thankful that you would consider allowing us the privilege to provide a loving home and forever family for her. Please contact Adoptions Plus for more information about our family! We look forward to meeting you.

~Andy & Sasha

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