Can we do your study?

At All Age Adoptions Plus, we love to do home studies! Many of our staff are adoptive parents and have experienced the process from the inside. We provide home studies with sensitivity, respect, insight and efficiency. We also help to get it where it needs to go.

All Age Adoptions Plus is keeping up with the changing world of adoption and the many changes in homestudy requirements. We can meet the requirements for New Mexico, other states, other countries, other agencies, the Interstate Compact, Hague and USCIS. We have completed home studies for our agency; dozens of other agencies; NMCYFD; Family Adoptions, Independent Adoptions and International Adoptions. We have completed international studies for more than two dozen countries. We will partner with your Hague accredited placing agency or help you find one. We are the only agency in New Mexico that can do your China homestudy.

What is a homestudy?
A homestudy, also known as a pre-placement study or family assessment is required for all adoptions. It prepares you and approves you as an adoptive parent.

The process
There is no wait to start a homestudy. Complete your application. When your application is approved you receive the remainder of the homestudy paper work. You can do the paperwork on your time schedule. We have had families return it to us within a few days and then some that takes months. When your paperwork is in and you have met with a staff member, you will be assigned a counselor or social worker who will do your interviews and home visits. Most of us have personally been through the homestudy as adoptive parents. The requirement for most studies is an individual interview with each person living in the home, a couple interview and two visits to your home. It often involves more meetings and adoption training. A comfortable time frame for a homestudy is about one to three months from start to finish.

The paperwork
We provide you with an itemized checklist of all the necessary paperwork. Some of it we provide and you simply fill out. Some of it you gather for us. Our counseling staff and office staff can walk you through every piece of paper.

Click here for a homestudy application.

Please find the below information as reference to what the Hague Convention and Inter-country Adoptions Act are all about.

Accreditation regulations set standards and are designed to ensure that U.S. accredited agencies and approved persons perform their duties in accordance with the Hague Adoption Convention and the Intercountry Adoption Act (IAA).