Letter to Birthmother

To the Birthmother of My Son,

The words “thank you” seem much too simple to express the depth of my gratitude to you. In bringing forth this child, you have not only given me and him a gift, you have allowed the world to be blessed by the presence of this wonderful being who I call my son.

Never in my most imaginative hopes and dreams could I have known how much Love can shine forth from the eyes of a small child. When I look at him I am moved to tears by his beauty, his tenderness, his simple joy, and peacefulness. His smile and just the way he is in this world touches all those around him. His is truly a gift.

I want you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts. As he gets older, I will tell him about you and the events that led him into our lives. I can only imagine that you must have cared deeply about him to let him go. I do not know why you chose adoption. I just feel that you made you decision from a place of love, compassion, kindness, understanding, and hope that I am the kind of mother you wanted this baby to have.

I cannot promise him a life free from pain or hurt. But what I can promise is that I will be by his side through any obstacles he may encounter during his life journey. I will love him unconditionally and I am committed to doing the best I can for him…always. I cherish him like a precious treasure.

Thank you Birthmother. Thank you for making the decision that you made. I am eternally grateful to you. May you always be aware of the profound joy that you brought forth into the world. May your life be blessed with beauty, wonder, and joy. My love goes to our to you and to the part of you that lives within our son.

Love always, Your Son’s Adoptive Mom

(actual unedited letter) This child is now in high school and also excelling in so many ways.