The Adoption Process

Making an informed decision

Deciding if adoption is right for you and your child is your first step. We are here to empower you to make your decision by providing you with all the information you need and support the decision you think is best. Your contact with All Age Adoptions Plus is completely confidential. Contact Us

Deciding on your adoption plan

The Adoptive Parents. If you decide that adoption is right for you and your child, we will again empower you to create a plan.  We encourage you to choose the parents that are best for your child. We have many families, from all walks of life and all are willing to meet with you to help you decide. Click on the Waiting Parents to view just a few… or Contact Us to view picture profile books at our office.

Open Adoption. We provide information and counsel on Open Adoption and help you decide how much ongoing contact you would like after the adoption.

If you are pregnant. We assist you in getting medical coverage and prenatal care, as needed. We will be your liaison with the hospital staff to assist in having your wishes and preferences met during labor and deliver and throughout your hospital stay. We are trained to be in labor and delivery.

Your child.  You can make an adoption plan when you are pregnant or for a child that is already born.  A baby can be placed with adoptive parents directly from the hospital. If your child is already born or older, you assist us in making a transition plan that is in the best interest and kind and gentle for the child.   

Legal Counsel. We provide you with an independent attorney to represent you, guide you through the adoption legal documentation to assure you understand the process and your rights. You cannot relinquish your right for at least 48 hours after birth.